Get Dynamic

We use a new kind of lending - dynamic lending - for our personalized credit lines. Unlike traditional, static, loans, our lines of credit take in real time data about your finances to shape themselves, ensuring they are always focused on what’s important - you.


Realtime Data

We securely connect to your bank and credit accounts, which provide rich realtime financial data that we use to understand you and your finances. This is data such as transactions and balances, which we securely store and only use to provide a better line of credit for you.

Advanced AI

We utilize advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your data so that we can understand how you and your finances change over time. This way we can know if you need extra cash this month, have unexpected expenses, or even have lost your job, allowing us to shape your line of credit to work for you.

Helping you over the bump

When we see factors like unexpected expenses, drops in income, or any other bump in your finances, our lines of credit adapt by lowering your minimum payment size or extending the length of your loan to help you get through rough patches. Plus, you can rest easy knowing we only decrease interest and minimum payment size and increase loan terms, ensuring that our loans are helping, not hurting.

Where do I sign up?

Nillify is currently in beta as we work to create the first ever personalized line of credit.
Sign up for our waitlist below to be one of the first to get access and to learn how to help shape the Nillify movement.