How It Works

Dynamic Lending

Unlike traditional loans, our lines of credit take in real-time data about you and your finances to determine your credit line. The more accounts you connect and the more spending data you have, the higher your credit limit.

Realtime Data

Using a secure gateway, you can connect all of your bank and credit accounts to the Nillify app, providing us with the data we use to understand you and your finances. The more complete financial picture you provide, the higher your potential credit line, so connect away!

Advanced AI

We utilize advanced artificial intelligence to translate your financial history into a highly personalized financial backup plan. Because more data means more accuracy in creating your profile, you get a higher credit limit when you connect more accounts.

Helping You Over the Bump

When we see unexpected expenses or drops in income, our lines of credit adapt by lowering your minimum payment or extending the length of your loan.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Nillify is currently in beta as we work to create the financial backup plan you deserve. Sign up for our waitlist below to get early access and start to build your credit line today.

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